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  • November,22nd,2011 at 4:06 PM


formaldehyde & fluffy stuff
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fluffies online



i'm emily! :]
i'm nineteen.

i like listening to people's problems.
open up to me.

things i think are lovely:

young alternative rock
brendon urie & this providence.

harry potter
sorted: slytherin

pretty female voices
• sara bareilles & kelly sweet.

strong female voices
• demi lovato & hayley williams & lisa origliasso.

funky pop stars
• bonnie mckee & katy perry.

classic/classy beauty
• emma watson & rachel mcadams.

creative food.
• cake decorating

but - most importantly & above all else -

i love love.

& i love my followers~
bc - some way or another, they all found me.

i love it because

my tumblr is real.

everything i post, i genuinely like.
i type what i really think, feel & in the same fashion that i speak.

so thanks for following me :]
i'm glad that being real can still be appealing in this world.